What Are Darts?

dart board

In order to be called a dart board, you must not only be able to throw your darts accurately, but you must also be able to accurately aim your darts and have the right hand timing to bring them in and make that target dart fly as straight as can be in flight. Many people think of dart boards as a game played with “pool” style balls where two people sit opposite each other in a circle and attempt to throw their darts through a hole in the board. While dart board games do play this type of game, they are in no way similar to pool games where two people are on opposite teams.


” Dart boards “are” also not played by 2 people in a game, but are actually played by one person who holds a dartboard and two sisal fibers which are attached at the end of the dart board and are used to propel the darts to a designated target area. “Darts” or dart-throwers are a very competitive sport where two or more individuals bare-handily throw small, sharp-tipped, rubber-based darts at a long, circular target called a dartboard. The darts are usually made from hollow polyethylene sisal fibers made from acrylic or polypropylene. “Dart-board” is not related to a game of “pool” where two players are on opposite sides of a table. “Dart-boards” are played by individuals using special darts called “sisal fibers” or “sisal dartboards”.


Most dart boards today have a thick, black, felt bottom that absorbs the energy of the darts. They also have a thick, heavy surface on top to help the dart jump through. However, it is the feel of the board that really determines how much fun it is to play. Some players prefer playing electronic darts because of the speed and control of the ball although most players would agree that a well-made steel tip dartboard is more enjoyable.