Tips to Safely Tow Your Car

Using a Cars Towing service is a safe way to transport your car to the mechanic’s shop. The services are available round the clock, and they will be able to handle your emergency towing needs. They are trained to recover and load your car in a safe manner. Here are some tips to help you safely tow your car. Towing your own car is not an option unless you’re confident you’ll never need to do it again. Find out

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Tips To Safely Tow Your Car

Cars Towing

First, check your vehicle’s curb weight and GVWR. Your vehicle’s curb weight is the total weight of your vehicle without the people inside. This measurement is different from its gross vehicle weight rating, which is the maximum capacity. Dry weight is the weight of the towed vehicle without any cargo. You’ll need a vehicle that weighs at least 750 pounds more than the one being towed. The lead car should be at least 750 pounds heavier than the towed car to avoid causing any damage to either.

The size of the lead vehicle is an important consideration. You should choose a vehicle that meets minimum safety standards. The brake system of the lead car should be capable of stopping both vehicles safely. If the brakes on the lead car are underpowered, you can choose an aftermarket performance brake system. The weight of the lead vehicle should also be at least 750 pounds heavier than the towed one. If you’re towing an older or collectible car, you might not be able to tow it.