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Morgan Myers, the proprietor of Tattoo Studio London, is a highly respected artist and tattoo enthusiast. He started his career learning how to tattoo from his mum, who was a biker. He later went on to apprentice in South Korea before settling in the capital. He first gained experience at Stoke Newington’s Sacred Art and wanted to open his own tattoo studio. The London Tattoo Studio is designed to emulate the aesthetics of a Manhattan experimental art space. Useful website –

Top 3 Tattoo Artists in London

One of London’s top-rated tattoo artists, Lara, works out of the Parlour in East Kensington. Her style is similar to that of Jezz-lee, with thick line work capturing animal and landscape graphics. She also works in bold, traditional styles. She has a passion for lettering, which makes her a unique choice for a tattoo. For a more personal experience, Lara is available for private sessions and consultations.

European Son is a British tattoo artist based in Brighton, but sometimes works in London. Her tattoos are characterized by intricate stick and poke lettering. She is known for her playful and evocative lettering, which is often found in black and white. However, Lara is also able to handle a variety of subject matter, including portraits and animals. And if you’re looking for something more modern, he can also work in color or remove old ink if you’re not satisfied with your work.

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