Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre-purchase inspection is a third-party independent professional service which checks a vehicle’s condition prior to a sale. It is conducted by trained technicians who are not affiliated with either the manufacturer or dealership and are independent of both parties. This means that they receive no compensation for their services from either the manufacturer or the dealership and that they do not work on any warranties. Their goal is to provide honest information to the client about vehicle condition as well as determining whether a car meets standard safety tests. They meet the strictest industry guidelines in producing this kind of report.

How to Do Pre-Purchase Inspections

prepurchase inspections

Because pre-purchase inspections are conducted by independent third parties, they have no ties to the car manufacturer or any dealer, so they are able to provide the most objective assessment of a vehicle. In addition, they can provide the consumer with more confidence when buying a car since they can clearly and easily see and document problems as they occur rather than waiting to discover problems after a test drive. Consumer reports rank them very high in their reports because they provide an insight into the process, how well a mechanic is trained, and what the potential savings could be by avoiding repairs. Another important feature is that they are the only ones allowed to conduct a test drive so they can give the prospective buyer a realistic idea about the car’s capabilities.

There are many different pre-purchase inspections services available. Some specialize in automotive repair, others in full body vehicle inspections, and some specialize in a particular brand of vehicle. Many times, a mechanic can simply refer his/her client to a reputable and reliable pre-purchase inspection service, but it may also be beneficial for the customer to test drive a particular vehicle and then take the results to the dealer with them. If a mechanic isn’t available to take the car for a test drive, the Internet is a great resource for finding one within a short amount of time. Test driving a car is always a good indicator as to whether or not the vehicle will be trouble free.