A Look at Architectural Designer, Howard Hornaday’s New Hotel

architect mornington

Architectural Designer, Owner, and Architect of The Hampton Inn in Hampton Roads Virginia is quite pleased with the progress of his latest building; the new 4 star hotel, The Hampton Inn & Towers. The hotel overlooks the peaceful bayous of the James River and the beautiful Norfolk waterfront. Just across the street, in the City of Norfolk, The Hampton Inn hosts over ten thousand visitors a year on many occasions.


Architect mornington has always been a fan of outdoor living and designing beautiful backyards for people to enjoy. He was inspired by two homes he visited while visiting relatives inunts two years ago. He knew that the place was spectacular and wanted to build something similar. He spent many weekends and into the summer working on this project. The result is a massive five hundred room luxury residence that will allow you and your loved ones the opportunity to enjoy beautiful natural scenery during every moment of your stay.


The hotel features two tennis courts, indoor pool, large fitness center, and a state of the art fitness and workout room. The architecture of the building includes modern design features and elements from traditional. The interior of the new hotel is also a combination of modern and traditional. In the basement of the building there is a glass room which can be used as a wine cellar. The Hampton Inn is located directly on the James River just a few minutes from downtown Norfolk. This location makes it convenient for visitors who are looking to explore the city, or even for people who are simply in the area for a weekend of relaxation and enjoyment.

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