Jagananna Amma Vodi Scheme

Jagananna Amma Vodi Scheme

APCFSS has announced the launch of the Jagananna Amma Vodi Scheme. The scheme is designed to give free education to poor children in rural areas. This scheme has many benefits, but it does have some cons as well. First of all, the scheme is not available in all districts. There are two stages to the scheme: the preliminary action and the registration phase. The registration phase is for registering the children of eligible guardians and mothers.

The Scheme Is Designed To Give Free Education To Poor Children In Rural Areas

The second phase of the scheme, called the Navaratna Lu program, aims to provide financial assistance to mothers and recognized guardians of school-going children. The aim of this program is to help mothers and children stay in school and complete their studies, reducing dropout rates and child labor in the state. The benefits of this program are not restricted to mothers alone, as they are available to children of all sexes and religions.

The government of Andhra Pradesh is the responsible party for the Amma Vodi Scheme. The funds will be directly credited to a child’s mother’s or legal guardian’s bank account. Applicants must fill an application form and upload it to the official website of Andhra Pradesh. Afterward, they must complete the registration process. If they have a valid Aadhaar ID or voter ID card, they should upload it in the official website of the state government.

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