A Caddy For Your Excavator

A Quickshot Hitch Mounted Excavator is a great way to have a fast and easy way to dig up any dirt or loose earth to improve the quality of your home or business. The Quickshot Hitch is the world’s easiest self-contained quick coupler, which makes it the best tool for working in difficult ground conditions. With the Quickshot Hitch you can quickly and easily connect and disconnect the line from your excavator or tractor. This makes it possible to work on soil, gravel or loose earth without worrying about getting stuck, and with the help of a trained crew you can enjoy the excavation quickly and efficiently. Find Out more info – visit our website

How to Choose A Caddy For Your Excavator


The Quickshot Hitch is designed to make moving earth a fast and easy process. To use the machine simply remove the soil and dump into the hopper located on the front of the excavator. Once the material has been dumped into the hopper the operator of the excavator can remove the material by means of a hoist. With a fully charged battery, four channels are located on the top of the excavator that allow it to easily move material from one area to another, while also offering easy access to the control panel and work bin for controlling the hoist. With a fully charged battery and two channels the Quickshot Hitch is capable of digging up and transports an average of twelve cups of soil at a time.

The Quick Hitch is a hydraulic excavator attachment with a cable instead of tracks that make it easy to move large quantities of material. Many professional excavators and other equipment companies utilize the Quickshot Hitch for their professional and commercial customers. The Quickshot is similar to other excavators in that it does not have tracks that make the process of transporting easier. Instead the cables on the Quickshot are used to make it more efficient and reliable at transporting material in a faster rate. To use the Quickshot you must attach the cable to the end of the excavator and then either make the movement of the excavator easier by making tight turns or accelerate the rate of movement by loosening up the cable on the reel. It is capable of working in any excavation size and with ease of operation.

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